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Systemwide Planning

Systemwide Planning

Guidelines for Systemwide Planning

A number of guidelines and implementation models have been developed by standards groups, including W3C, to aid organizations working towards organizational accessibility. The National Center on Disability and Access to Education, NCDAE, working with groups such as WebAIM and the Southern Regional Education Board, has also established recommended best practices, developed an action paper, and benchmarking and planning tools to assist organizations in developing accessibility plans.


Principles and Guidelines

W3C includes the following considerations for the planning process:

  • Establish Responsibilities
  • Conduct Initial Assessment
  • Develop Organizational Policy
  • Select Software
  • Provide Training
  • Develop Accessible Website
  • Promote Organizational Awareness
  • Monitor Website Accessibility

Recommended practice resources from NCDAE GOALS Project, which includes four indicators, each with a number of specific support resources:

  • Indicator #1: Institutional Vision and Leadership Commitment
  • Indicator #2: Planning and Implementation
  • Indicator #3: Resources and Support
  • Indicator #4: Assessment



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